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Monument signs are a lasting statement about your facility. Apartment homes, a subdivision, office park, corporate office, hospital, entertainment venues, churches, and many more properties use monument signage to increase visibility and project the property persona. Coastal Signs Plus offers complete monument sign service from concept to installation to create your monument sign. Unlike other sign companies that want manufacture-ready plans, our strongly qualified and experienced in-house design team will work with you to bring your monument sign to life. Located in San Diego, California, Coastal Signs Plus works around the country to complete your projects on time and on budget.




Our company mission focuses on our commitment to creating the highest quality product on time and on budget, every time.




Coastal Signs Plus brings state-of-the-art technology at every step of the process, fine-tuned for your specific needs and goals to give your company the messaging tools to set it apart and ahead of the pack.




We are committed to always evaluate the specific needs and goals of each project and committed to providing an end product that is both the highest quality and cost-effective.




Our in-house custom design services, vinyl graphics, ADA signage, channel lettering, monument signs, and experiential graphic installations are just a few of the products we can create to help catapult your business ahead of your competition.


Monument signs are sometimes called architectural signs. Generally, they are large signs at the entrance to properties, often made of sturdy materials such as stone. Monument signs often incorporate a variety of design features such as dimensional lettering, channel lettering, and lighting features as well.


Monument signs are one of the most powerful types of signage for creating an upscale message and imparting a sense of longevity to your property or facility. They offer multiple benefits to your organization. The low to the ground style of monument signage helps to preserve sightlines for traffic and to your buildings while still providing excellent message visibility. Quality monument signs often become landmarks within a community. Weather resistance is also a benefit of monument signs. Monument signs are designed for long-term use and weather durability so that your message stays in place for a long time. New HDU foam options with faux finishing offer additional green and environmentally friendly options while adding another layer of safety with monument signs that can cause less damage in the unfortunate situation of a traffic accident. The completely customizable nature of monument signs allows for use with multiple tenant signage while still staying within local ordinances.



Coastal Signs Plus works with a variety of high quality materials to best fit your budget and project. Available materials include stone, brick, wood, metal, and HDU foam. Each material comes in a variety of options and finishes. Our highly experienced project managers understand the strengths and challenges of each material and work with you and our in-house design team to ensure the best choice of material and material combinations for your project and budget.

From highly prized Alabama white marble as used in the Hall Of Columns in the US Capitol, to granite, to brick, to custom stone variety requests, Coastal Signs Plus understands how your choice of stone can affect the final strength, durability, and presentation of your monument project. We never limit you to selecting from a tiny handful of choices like other sign makers.

Whether you want a full metal sign, multi-tenant metal sign name placards, or simply decorative bronze or gold-tone lettering, Coastal Signs Plus works with you to ensure you get both the metal elements you want and the ones you need for the structural requirements of the sign. We don’t limit you to a few metal choices, we work with your wants and needs.

HDU foam is made from recycled post-consumer materials for an environmentally friendly monument sign option. Waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, HDU foam signs can be finished to look just like stone or wood while not decomposing, rotting, or cracking.</p> <p>HDU foam also allows a much wider variety of shapes and designs than traditional materials. All while allowing added safety benefits with a breakaway design in case of auto collision.

Sturdy hardwoods to exotic decorative accent woods are all available through Coastal Signs Plus. We work with your project rather than expecting your project to work around us.



Service doesn’t end at the sale for Coastal Signs Plus. We don’t just ship pieces of your sign with a sheet of instructions. Coastal Signs Plus can handle your monument sign installation on-site locally in the San Diego area and across the country. We are experts in working on-site and work with your site in mind from the beginning of the design to the end of the project.
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Monument signs are designed to last but maintenance of any painted features, lighting features, and cleaning keeps your monument looking fresh. There are also unfortunate situations that can require repair, such as automobile accidents. Coastal Signs Plus offers maintenance and repair options for your signs. With Coastal Signs Plus, you never have to worry about who will keep your signs up to date and in working order.