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Your company and facility outdoor signage is generally the first thing employees, clients, customers, and the general public see. Indoor signage reflects on your facility and company status. Damaged signage or signage in poor repair gives an impression of the opposite of what you hoped to achieve from your signage. Coastal Signs Plus can help keep your signage in optimal condition and working order. Based in San Diego, California, we work locally and nationally with no sign or project too large. We offer maintenance and repair services with qualified experts in the field.


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Outside of damage events, the best way to keep your signs looking and functioning their best is through quality maintenance. As a full-service sign company, Coastal Signs Plus works with clients from conception to installation and beyond. Not only do we offer in-house design, fabrication, and installation, we are with you after the sale. Our highly qualified maintenance technicians service all signage types. From channel lettering to multi-story landmark style blade signage to cutting edge experiential installations, our technicians have the training and skills to keep your message to your specifications and put your best foot forward. Whether you need light bulbs replaced, paint touched up, vinyl repaired, mounts adjusted, or even signs repositioned, we can handle it.



Unfortunately, sometimes signage is damaged or stops working properly due to the ravages of time. Cars run into directional markers, severe storms can twist signage and mounts, pollution can corrode some surfaces, and sometimes vandals choose your signage for graffiti or other damage. We can fix what time, accidents, malice, and nature does to your signage. Coastal Signs Plus hires only the best. Our highly trained staff of maintenance and repair technicians have the skills and the equipment needed to repair your signage to your specifications. Whatever your signage, from simple storefront channel lettering to state-of-the-art experiential installations, we can fix it. Just a few of the types of repairs we handle include lighting repairs and replacements for any type including neon, fluorescent, and LED, metalwork and fabrication when needed, mount repair and replacement, electrical and electronic issues, refinishing, upgrading for energy efficiency, neon/argon replacement, LED conversions, and even old signage removal.


Coastal Signs Plus won’t leave you hanging with damaged signage. We respond quickly and professionally when you call us, and at the time you expect with scheduled maintenance contract calls. We know that your signage is your first communication with the public and important. Whether responding to emergency repair from an accident or storm damage, or shorted out bulbs, you can count on us to make your sign our priority.



Take the worry and uncertainty out of caring for your signs. As part of our commitment to the customer from concept to installation to beyond, we offer maintenance and repair plans to take the uncertainty out of sign upkeep. Contact Coastal Signs Plus to discuss our maintenance and repair contract agreements. Keep us on call to handle all your sign upkeep and repair needs. CSLB #1075984